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great animations with a good flow
also liked the sound effects

the cam shaking thing was nice too but a bit too much gets lil'bit annoying cause its the hole time.
and you reaaaaaally should add some music.

thats it :D good work

2 things :D

okay... might be more xD

like the fact that ...

...you don't forget or that you acutally know that the spartan are lot bigger then "normal" people - where his son stand right next to him

...you put a story into it every reach player knows about - or at least the multiplayer - fucking noobs >:o

aaand ... really liked the detail in the graphics when the cam is near the action

respect for that great piece of work :D

all in all its a good animation wich makes me laugh a lot :D

sry 4 bad english ._.

O: ...

junge junge^^ du kommst ja gar nich mehr zurecht xD

*thumbs up* :D

Hildebrandt responds:

Nein, Mann! KAFFEE, JUNGE!

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just great as the first one, but the medal still don't work
(i've readed that you have fixed it, but you still don't work) ._.

yaay :D

great game :D

and thx for 500 points :D

wow :D

2 things i have too say allready - (don't even played the game yet :D ) but it's so big and take a wile to load :D

1 - how about adding medals? :D
2 - great to see that you read all the reviews and response to them :D

now my "real" review :D

well - i don't can tell you any bad things about it :D
there was a story - and the nostalgic factor was just so big :D
good ol' street fighter -

very great with your "rpg elements"
the gameplay was amazing - having so much fun with it.

i can see that you put some serious effort in it.
and that is what really important to me :D

so - 10/10 - 5/5 and favorite it :D

sry. for bad english o:

Muja responds:

Don't worry, and thank you very much for your review!

By the wa, I put a VERY serious effort into it - I mean, I didn't have to give up on my social life, but it was a long job nonetheless! ^_^

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great song c:

i was just thinking the same thing as "candy..." under me :D
thougt this was made with the guitar hero studio ^^

but anyway - something about this song does not sound right...
but cause i can't tell you what that is^^ i gave you 9 from 10 ^^

haha :D

sounds good c:

remembers me of the Guitar-Hero-Studio :D

is that song uploaded there?
hope so ^^ would be fun to play :D

yaay *-*

love it :D

Dj-Brand0 responds:

Thanks ^_^

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in the first moment i thought this was a picture O:

awsome work


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